Gods of Sethara

Tempus – God of War, Warriors & Prowess in Battle
Symbol – Platinum Warhammer
Alignment – Lawful Neutral

Ohm – God of Magic, Discovery, Secrets & the Unknown
Symbol – Hourglass encasing an Infinity Loop Serpent
Alignment – Neutral

Tymora – Goddess of Luck, Fortune & Adventurers
Symbol – Gold Piece
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Blashyrk – God of Winters & Darkness, previously god of the orcs
Symbol – Black Six-pointed Star
Alignment – Neutral Evil

Kronmeg – God of Barbarians, Nomads & Travelers
Symbol – Red Stallion
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral

Thesma – Goddess of Deserts (Lady of the Oasis)
Symbol – Sand Dune
Alignment – Neutral Good

Shom – Goddess of the Sun, Summer & Light
Symbol – The Sun
Alignment – Lawful Good

Vice – God of Thieves & Assassins
Symbol – Gold Dagger
Alignment – Chaotic Evil

Correlon Larethian – God of the Elves & Fey
Symbol – Quarter Moon
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Morradin – God of the Dwarves, Mountains & Blacksmiths
Symbol – Diamond Anvil
Alignment – Neutral Good

Shahina – Goddess of Halflings & Gnomes
Symbol – Small length of Braided Rope
Alignment – Neutral Good

Arioch – God of Chaos
Symbol – Red Chaos Star
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral

Ehlonna – Goddess of the Forests, Jungles & Nature
Symbol – Green Leaf
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Tyr – God of Law & Justice (The Even-Handed)
Symbol – Scales
Alignment – Lawful Good

Grubosculus – God of Goblinoids
Symbol – Rusted Short Sword
Alignment – Chaotic Evil

Warborn – God of the Orcs
Symbol – Notched Battleaxe
Alignment – Lawful Neutral

Bahamut – God of Metallic Dragons

Tiamat – Goddess of Chromatic Dragons

Asmodeus – Lord of the Nine Hells

Orcus – Lord of the Abyss

Graz’zt – The Dark Prince of Demons

Lolth – Goddess of the Drow & the Underdark

Kreshnek – God of the Giants

Glorm – God of Elementals

There are many other gods for the various races and creatures of Sethara. This list shows the most popular gods worshipped and venerated.

Gods of Sethara

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