Ancient History of Sethara

Legends and myths place the creation of Sethara thousands of years ago, when the gods were young and the world was nothing but a barren wasteland. These young gods, feeling the need to give life to the rock known as Sethara, put their powers to use. Morradin, the god of the dwarves, swung his great hammer into the earth, and mountains cracked and groaned, and sprung forth. Corellon, the god of the elves, fired his bow into the ground, and created the forests. Shahina, goddess of the halflings and gnomes, sewed enchanted seeds to spring forth the grasslands and hills. The three were happy with their collaboration.

This attracted the attention of other gods. Blashyrk, god of the orcs, Kronmeg, god of the humans, and Grubosculus, god of the goblins, all paid notice. The three new gods asked Morradin, Corellon and Shahina to share their creation, and the three creators felt generous, and allowed them to add their children to their glorious creation. Almost immediately, the three creators were distraught, because the children of the three new gods were ambitious and greedy, and wanted to wage war on the children of the creators. Soon, enmity between all of the gods and their children grew, and each were constantly maneuvering and scheming to establish dominance.

This attracted the attention of other gods. Tyr, the god of law, brought order to the land. Arioch, the god of chaos, felt that law could not exist without chaos, and he soon entered the fray. Ehlonna, goddess of the forests, struggled with Corellon over dominion of the woods. Ohm, the god of magic, decided to add his magic and power to the world, in order to bring all of them into balance. Finally, Shom, the goddess of the sun, said to the other gods, “You fight because the world is dark and cold, and this brings sadness to you and your children. I will bring light and warmth, and all will be good.”

This angered Blashyrk, god of the orcs. He wished the world to remain cold and dark, for it pleased his children, and gave them strength to conquer their enemies. Blashyrk challenged Shom’s power, and in the end, lost his struggle, and his people were banished to the Blinding Steppes, and the Blashyrk March, where it is always cold and dark.

The other gods, seeing Blashyrk’s fate at the hands of Shom, relented and ceased their struggles and vowed to keep their people in the lands created for them. Kronmeg and Grubosculus cried foul, since they had created no lands specifically for their people. Shom, feeling strong and kind, told Kronmeg and Grubosculus that their people can move about the world freely, as nomads, making all of the land their home.

Ancient History of Sethara

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