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  • Recent History of Sethara

    No one is sure when time was first being recorded, but the assumption is that it is when the first races of elves, dwarves, halflings and gnomes came to settle Sethara. The current year is 1948 CY (common year). Some of the other less common races use …

  • Gods of Sethara

    Tempus – God of War, Warriors & Prowess in Battle Symbol – Platinum Warhammer Alignment – Lawful Neutral Ohm – God of Magic, Discovery, Secrets & the Unknown Symbol – Hourglass encasing an Infinity Loop Serpent Alignment - Neutral Tymora …

  • Ancient History of Sethara

    Legends and myths place the creation of Sethara thousands of years ago, when the gods were young and the world was nothing but a barren wasteland. These young gods, feeling the need to give life to the rock known as Sethara, put their powers to use. …