Black Seeds

Black Seeds Begins

Welcome to the first post of our D&D campaign, called Black Seeds. To review, each of our intrepid adventurers were directed to The Flying Halfling Tavern and Leisure House in the heart of the city called Fallshae, which rests between the southern end of the Blackforge Mountains and The Shimmering Forest. After a few moments of waiting, the newly formed party met up with Malus Magnus, Merchant Extraordinaire. After witnessing the magnificence of The Flying Halfling, and meeting the rather charming and facetious Laylow Meadowhopper, the party dined with Malus to hear his proposal. For 150 gold apiece, the party is to escort him and his wagon of goods to Lithonia, the gem of the South Sea. Never being far from the quiet and relative solitude of Fallshae, each adventurer agreed to Malus’ terms, and the following morning, made south for Lithonia.

After five days of very boring and uneventful travel, where each member of the party was growing complacent and itching for some excitement, that fifth night of camping delivered, as the small caravan was attacked by kobolds. Each member fought valiantly and effectively, sparing no time in dispatching the small contingent of foul beasts. Some minor wounds were received, but dealt with quickly, and off they go the following morning, just a few miles outside of the small river town of Widdershin.

Our cast of characters is:
Nailo – A young half-elven woman of capable means and more than a few secrets.

Pfaffenkrieg – A newly annointed war priest of the god Tempus, whose zeal and lust for battle go unmatched.

Theren – A simple wood elf monk who prefers speaking with his fists than with his tongue.

Dredd – A human ranger whose casual demeanor belies a skilled tracker and warrior.

Vatania – A young wood elf druidess who is struggling to find her place in the world.

Bardok – A dwarven paladin of noble birth who is striving to follow in his father’s footsteps.


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